During the Covid19 pandemic we have been hopeful as a venue to re-open as soon as possible with dates changing since March 20th 2020 after we were forced to close like many businesses across Scotland. We could never have envisioned that we'd be closed for seven months. We did have plans to Re-open in November however due to the current state of the lockdown and local health boards and guidance we will be unable to do so.

While the lockdowns and closures have been enforced we have been subject like many businesses to ongoing building payments, Water Rates, Electricity Costs, Staff wages and other business contractual expenditures and servicing such as fire regulations and legionella servicing we'd normally be covering by being open. This has lead us to a situation we'd never thought we'd see in our time.

If we don't raise a substantial amount of funding to enable the venue to be kept in a working condition up until March 2021 with the large outgoings and no income we will be forced to close the business permanently. This is sad news for us and our community we have supported over the many years the sauna has operated in Edinburgh. We have no intention to close the doors ourselves and will continue to fight to keep the business opening but sadly this rides on the fact that we can raise funding and inject enough funding to secure the future of the premises.

We have invested heavily into new services wet area, steam room, Heating, lounge space, Wifi and lockers, NHS testing and support since we opened and could not have seen the damage due to be caused by Covid19. While we have had funds available to keep the business running this is now at a dangerously low level due to being closed.

We are asking for your help at this monumental turning point for our community and business to help raise the funds required to stay operational in future years to come. You can help us in a number of ways by sharing our fundraising page, twitter posts and donating to our pages.


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Thank you for your support.
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