As with any new membership card there's going to be a few conditions attached eh?! The legal boring stuff we have to let you know about, Just take a gander below at the Terms and Conditions of the card and if your happy to continue to be a Member then keep the card, if not just return it to us! It's that simple!

  1. Cards are limited to 1 card per visitor and can not be shared between multiple visitors or friends.

  2. Card holders must be 18 years or older and may be asked for ID when using the card in line with our challenge 25 Policy.

  3. Points hold no cash value and cannot be exchanged for money.

  4. Points can not be used as part payment, so you must accrue enough points in order to exchange it for a full entry. Once you reach 150 points you will automatically be issued with a FREE entry voucher. If you loose the voucher you lose the free entry.

  5. Points cannot be given or moved between cards.

  6. As Membership Cards are not registered with personal details on our system, any lost cards can not be replaced. This means that lost cards = lost points. Any lost cards found inside the venue will be destroyed. Any free vouchers will remain valid.

  7. Points will not be earned on special events or event tickets and points can not be redeemed for late night event tickets at the venue. Points will not be earned on FREE entries to the venue.

  8. The points accrued are redeemable for a free entry only voucher at the venue.
    Entry will only be granted when a valid voucher and membership card are presented together upon entry. We do not replace lost vouchers.


  9. Being in possession of a membership card does not guarantee you entry and you must meet all of our standard terms of entry.

  10. Membership Cards that are being misused will be confiscated, this involves sharing membership cards between friends or more than one person.

  11. Points are earned on a per entry basis and are displayed on the entry pricing page:

    Points gained per paid entry.
    Points Earned: 15 Point per Standard Entry / 10 Points per Discounted entry.

    Points needed to receive an entry voucher: 150 Points

    The Membership card remains property of The Pound Edinburgh and is registered to: 5 Broughton Market, Edinburgh, EH36NU. The company reserve the right to withdraw offers, or change the amount of points earned per item at any given time without prior notice. We will however aim to give no less than 5 working days notice to any changes to the above.The Pound reserves the right to refuse entry and standard venue entry conditions apply at all times and can be read by Clicking Here.

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