The Pound Edinburgh, Privacy Statement:

By becoming a member of The Pound Edinburgh you do not disclose any private information to The Pound other than agreed upon your registration such as Email / Newsletters and Name. We do not see and are unable to reset your password, nor do we gain access to your Twitter or Facebook pages by you using the social media button, should you use that to register with us. If you forget your password we ask you to E-Mail us and we can remove the account and let you Re-Register but we cannot provide details of your account to you due to the nature of the business, we can only Permanently DELETE the account. This message must  be from the email registered to your account.

Search Engines:
Search engines use the web tools commonly called 'crawlers' this enables new content to be uploaded and published to the internet and keeps results fresh in the search engines. Personal information regarding posts, images and your information stored on our website is NOT shared or sold to any third party and is also not accessible to anyone other than Website Members however please note that by using the FORUM a google link associated with an E-Mail on our site my appear, however no content will become available to see!

SEO (Google): Private Pages

Your members' accounts contain private pages that include their personal information. No one else can see their private pages. As these pages contain sensitive information, you don't want them to appear in search engines. This is why we don't list them in Google.

Even though the pages are private, you can still customise the URL. The URL appears in the address bar of the browser. Each user is linked to our blog. By signing up to the website the E-Mail used on the website may show up during an email search due to google log in.
You agree to this by signing up with a google account and personal E-Mail that we have no control over this function provided by our supplier WIX and as the site uses BLOG format emails can link to your profile, however no personal details will be visible. If this link is clicked an error message will show up.

Your profile:
By updating your Username or profile picture, profile text and Registering on the website or commenting on blogs you give The Pound Edinburgh the right to amend, publish or use the content on it's own pages. Including Twitter, Facebook & Information may also be used for research purposes and to better tailor the website and venue experience. We can only see information in your profile in which you provide such as a profile picture, name, username and E-mail. If you log in Via Facebook / Google we do not get access to any of those details such as friends, likes etc. This isn't needed.

You have the right to opt out of the website/social media and membership at any given time by emailing us using the contact form with your username and email address. Anything you publish on the website will be removed however shares on social media may be out of our control. Please remember when posting on social media that the internet is forever. Once something is posted it may be very hard to take it down if we do not operate the website.

Subscription & Posting Conditions:
Each person who enters the venue as well as using our online chat room and blog agrees to respect each member on the website. Negative unjust and non-constructive feedback will be removed and those accounts will be blocked. Users can be removed from the website for content posts which do not fall in line with The Pound Edinburgh's goal. We operate a ZERO tolerance policy in which is taken very seriously so being offensive or posting personal data or information about others will get you blocked immediately. Posts which depict certain age groups, gender identities, build or shape will be flagged and removed and where necessary will be reported to the local police authority to investigate. Individual users can be reported by using the online link located in profiles. We will investigate and action where needed. No personal information can be posted online this includes: Mobile Telephone Numbers,  Emails and personal contact details. All communication through members should take place in private channels via the chat box at the bottom of the website. 7 / 30 and permanent blocks are in place for repeat postings.

Accounts Recovery and Suspension:
We reserve the right to ask any member registered on our website to show proof of ID to validate their account. If you believe your account has been compromised or you need assistance simply get in touch with us. We can not provide information without valid ID for the security and discretion of our members. If you can not provide Valid ID we may suspend or remove your account from our server. From time to time, some accounts may need verification these accounts are messaged privately using our servers. ID can only be provided in person at the venue.

Please note: 
We will NEVER ask for passwords and we are unable to see this information so do not provide it to anyone! Nor will we ask for any additional contact information or photographs.


Accounts with inactivity for longer than 4 Months will automatically be deleted from the system. You will receive no notification for this.
Accounts will be removed by our team and no data will be retained. This includes accounts that do not log into our website.


Mailing Lists:

If you have subscribed to a mailing list you can unsubscribe usually on the email messages themselves.
If this option is not available simply send us an email asking yourself to be removed from our mailing list this MUST be from the email you have registered with.


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