Updated: Jun 15, 2019


Stage THREE of the MAJOR upgrade to The Pound Edinburgh will take place on June 24th 2019 for 2.5 weeks. This will consist of a BRAND NEW locker room space. Finally we get rid of that tiny room! #LONGOVERDUE! NEW STANDARD SIZE LOCKERS will be available in the venue and the new room will also give you all a lot more changing space so there will be no more grinding against others to get changed! This work will go hand in hand with the completion of the upper floor chill-out area estimated to be completed around 24th June 2019! Once the lockers are complete they will ALL be the same medium locker size, so please remember this when bringing overly large bags along with you. We will also have better seating and lighting too! There will be around 2 weeks of disruption at the usual main entrance to the Play Space located on the ground floor. This also means that the temporary cell space created on the ground floor will be moved to a new location in the venue. #MaybeSomewhereItWillBeUsed? Entrance to the facilities will be via the WET AREA during this period. The estimated work taking place being between 2 and 2.5 weeks (Mon - Fri before 3pm). Once again no works being completed at the weekend!

BOOTS ONLY will also cease operation during the 3 weeks of work and will return on July 17th 2019 as 'NAKED'. No boots or clothing will be permitted in the venue during this new night. The new event will be solely based around an industrial feel and is GO NAKED or GO HOME! We will regularly check the venue to ensure visitors comply with our rules during the NAKED event. Anyone with towels will be asked to return it to their locker or surrender it.

Not sure if you noticed but there seems to be a New Colour associated with the pound? #ThanksForReading See You Soon!


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