Just how will it work?

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak we had a moment of uncertainty about the future of well... everything. But just what will the latest outbreak of Covid-19 mean for the future of gay venues? How can you enjoy a sauna space without the fears that come with the transmission of the newest silent killer?

Naturally the venue is looking at ways to change operation perhaps for a few months to a year, this would last until the government's advice changes but what does that mean for you? What changes would you like to see and how would the sauna experience change for you with the lockdown measures temporarily still in place? It's a strange time just now, and we don't know when venues such as Saunas will re-open. One thing we do know is that now is the time for forward planning. Lets be prepared together!

What we are planning:

- Brand new hand sanitizer stations (Of Course) - Regular Deep Cleaning with Hospital grade chemicals is something we already do at the venue but this will of course be stepped up again. - Towels and Linens are already washed with Antibacterial chemicals. - Staggered Facility Times & Temperature checks. let us know what you think below:


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