Thanks for all of the positive feedback in regards to the venue and some great suggestions and additions to what we already offer! We are glad you like the new look of the venue and will continue to improve and expand on what we offer as a venue! Starting on Monday 20th 2019 during the weekdays until 3pm we will be commencing work on what used to be the old cafe space. While there will be disruptions before 15:30 on most weekdays to the space upstairs we aim to keep the venue functioning as normal as possible. Stay posted as to what work we are doing on the website and twitter feeds, or just give us a call on 0131 477 3567 we'd be happy to advise any major changes. The Steam Room phase 4 of 5 commences shortly with the tiling of the roof of the Sauna facility and will commence next week too! Lots of upgrades and works going on at the pound to bring you a venue suitable to hold some hot events and shows in the future. Believe us when we say that, if you think it's been easy to get this sorted... you are badly mistaken. But we are almost at the final hurdle! Oh yes! The Finished Result! The Steam Room will still remain closed for a few weeks now and we will announce to the world with some form of celebration to mark our new facilities... Hmmm I think we've posted that before somewhere... Despite brushing off all of the negativity around people suggesting we 'hurry up' and those whom think building a steam room from ground up, including setting new concrete floors (In a WET area) should take less time than a full standard non-commercial bathroom. We say thanks for supporting The Pound in our efforts to create a cool, unique venue and to those who have been patient with us, thank you! STEAM ROOM TIMELINE SO FAR: December: Closure of the Old Steam Room. December 20th: Removal Begins of the Old Steam Room. December 24th - December 30th: No Works due to Trade Holiday. January 2019 - Removal Continues of 6 skips worth of rubble and wood. February 2019 - Rubble Complete, Build Starts inside the new space. February 25th - Internal Build Complete structure and re-plumbing / Insulation. March 15th 2019 - The Concrete Sets on the floor, Finally! March 20th - Tiling Begins on the floors and walls. April 10th - Post about steam Room & Updates.

These changes to the venue will also allow us to push forward the capacity of the venue for theme nights and events and boost marketing The Pound Edinburgh, we have some snazzy stuff coming your way about our City of Edinburgh! So watch this space! Love you all! Thanks for the support so far! The Pound Edinburgh.


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