Becoming a member to The Pound Edinburgh has never been easier! We will be working on all our ONLINE content in the coming months. Special members only offers and vouchers and some extra events tailored just for you! It also paves the way for online ticketing, Pre-approved entry and monthly pass subscriptions subject to valid ID on the door and a new online shop in the future. The online portal is easy to use and also comes with our APP! So you can keep The Pound Edinburgh in your pocket! How cool is that?!

Once you have logged in (Which you must have done to see this post) there will be an extra menu available at the top of the page next to your username. Simply click the + to get access to the MEMBERS ONLY pages / Events and Tickets. There is also an additional venue specific chatroom but to make sure it's regulated and secure we are using additional servers for this and at the moment it requires an additional log in via Facebook or Google. All of this falls under the GDPR data protection legislation and no data is accessible to other members other than what you provide in your profile text /profile image. By becoming a member you agree to receive monthly newsletters about our events sent to the email used to register on our website. Email accounts that bounce or fail to receive any messages directly on our app will be blocked and removed. Members can delete their site membership at any time by contacting us directly on the Messaging APP or via the Email associated with your account. Due to the nature of the business and use of usernames, we will not be able to confirm any details held by The Pound Edinburgh. Once a request to remove any account has been received it will be removed and all data deleted within 24 hours.


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