Following some great reviews and feedback about our events lineup for 2019 we have gone a step further to make it much easier to see what is happening at the venue!We have also added a venue contact number at the bottom of the website if you ever need to get in touch with us directly. We have added some new theme nights including: Theme nights are dress code regulated and do not have extras such as Alcoholic Bars / Buffets / Loud Music / Club Atmospheres but they are still a whole load of fun! Theme Nights:

  1. Sports Theme (Sports Gear kits and tracksuits!)

  2. Boots Only (Formerly No Towel Night)

  3. XD Evening (Cross Dressing, Lipsticks and Lollipops)

  4. Boots only, A weekly event starting 3rd April.

Events: As well as this we have two EVENTS upcoming which are different to theme nights in the respect that they will not have standard sauna operations and are ticketed separately to regular entrance. Passes for entry are not valid during EVENTS and will require a separate ticket to access.

  1. KINK - The Fetish event and Club Night

  2. BUMP N GRIND(R) - The Cruising Club Night will be added to the event page shortly.

  3. Edinburgh Fetish Weekender (Multiple Venues, one WILD weekender coming late 2019)


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