RE: Alcohol Licence

Its come to our attention that some people are saying The Pound Edinburgh lied about its alcohol licence. Let’s dispell the childish rumours from

members of our community who have nothing better to do than moan about everything we decide to do as a venue, despite never visiting us. we Intend to move forward with something special: Building Edinburgh’s only male sauna.

We’d like to share that we did get given a licence grant however the dates the city council issued for the licence were incorrect. The licence we were issued stated 25-30th April however only allowed us to sell alcohol during what would have been our KINK event on Friday 10pm until 4am. This was due to a council mishap with the licence in communications. We have the licence at the venue for those who need to see it with thier own eyes.

Not that this will change the current situation.

Yesterday after a phone call with the City Council to clarify why the licence had this information, we were told that indeed it only allows the sale of alcohol on 1 day at 10pm until 4am despite being for 6 Days as shown below. This means without a valid licence for the additional dates we can’t sell it.

This is the reason we will not have one.

Its not the end of the world.

Just inconvenient for us really.

Many thanks,

The Pound Edinburgh


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