Ever thought about what it takes us humans in this day and age to stay connected? To be able to chat and connect with the people we meet? Get those apps running on the old (or new) mobile devices? It's more important to some of us than air... it's of course WIFI. WIFI is everywhere and it's getting faster and faster every day! So that's why we upgraded the old 150mbs WIFI to a FASTER 350Mbs last month and we've had a great connection thus far, with lots of visitors to the venue using it.

It's sad we have to announce this but we have to say goodbye to the great WIFI connection over the next seven days. This is because we are installing a BRAND NEW 500Mbs WIFI system inside the venue! You won't notice the change over though. There's no need to report the WIFI isn't working if you do experience a problem over the coming days, this is due to the switch from 350 to 500 just re-connect your device and BOOM!

The faster WIFI enables faster steaming and download speeds, unlimited connections as well as super fast upload speeds and it's super secure too. So your APPS will be binging again in no-time! I mean a whole new lounge space needs super fast WIFI right? The WIFI will still be free (Of Course) and you will need to re-log in using the in-venue password just the once when it does go live. There's a lot of WIFI in that statement eh?! The Pound xx


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