We are exited about the complete upgrade of the former facilities coming your way! As you have seen since the take over we have been pulling together a whole new steam room with double the seating capacity meaning, there's twice as many seats for all our visitors! Plus there is all that space in the center to move about! We can't wait until this opens in March! We still have to wait for the concrete to dry before we can tile it though! It shouldn't be too long now! We can commence with 'PHAZE2' starting in the coming weeks with a massive improvement to the Locker Facilities. This will cause no disruption to the facilities during opening hours and you won't even know its happening (Unless you notice that some of the old broken lockers have already vanished) The removal of the existing lockers will pave way to a whole new locker room. The lockers will comprise of standard locker sizing slightly wider than our existing ones. This does however mean another change, the large lockers situated on the floors will disappear meaning ALL lockers will be standard sizes going forwards.


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