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Waverley Care, a Scottish registered Charity: SC036500 for SX and Waverley Care

Information is updated and regulated by NHS Lothian - Roam Outreach

Any questions regarding information, Services or help should be direct and not sent via our website contact page.
The Pound Edinburgh does not respond to sexual health questions or provide advice.


 Roam Outreach 

Beyond our m-test and 121services we deliver weekly outreach sessions for guys who cruise, attend gay saunas and use apps.

So however you meet guys, remember it’s not always risk free…

We are an outreach team that focus on meeting guys within our community, cruising grounds and online, outwith the normal 9-5 making services more accessible.

We have a number of services designed to deliver easy-to-access testing within saunas and LGBTQI events and support for any guys using cruising sites and apps. 

CREW 2000

Crew exists to reduce harm, challenge perceptions and help people make positive choices about their use of cannabis, stimulant and other drugs and sexual health by providing non-judgmental, credible and up to date information and support.

Accepting: “non-judgmental, unconditional positive regard”

Genuine: “being genuine and real with each other”

Empathic: “walking in someone else’s shoes as if they were your own”


SX is about improving the sex, health and wellbeing of gay and bisexual men, and all men who have sex with men living in Scotland.

We are proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ community, and we aim to reflect the diversity of the people we work with.

Our ethos at SX is to be sex positive and we strive to improve the physical, sexual and mental health and wellbeing of all men who have sex with men. SX works also with cis and trans men, and many other allies across Scotland.

Waverley Care

At Waverley Care, our community engagement and support empowers people to improve their health and wellbeing in a safe, non-judgemental environment.


Our work is also helping to create a kinder, fairer Scotland where taking care of your sexual health is a part of everyday life and those affected by HIV and hepatitis C feel able to get tested or treated.  

​All Services shown above are FREE to access at the time of publication
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