Venue Entry Conditions:
The pound management reserve the right to refuse entry or remove you from the venue without notice under any of the following conditions:

  • - Too intoxicated for the safe use of the facilities.
    - Misuse of the facilities inside the venue.
    - Unsafe use of equipment.

  • - Under the influence of drugs.

  • - Anyone in possession of drugs.

  • - Any individual or group deemed to be a risk to our visitors.

  • - Anyone deemed to be a risk for our crew.
    - Any customer who does not obey crew instructions when asked. 

  • - Anyone who can not provide ID when asked.

  • - Those deemed to be using fake ID

  • - For any reason not specified above.

  • - Anyone whom is using a stolen or lost entry pass.
    (All passes include safety features and serial numbers)

COVID-19 Guidelines and Conditions.
Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should stay away from the venue and public spaces and call the NHS by dialling 111.

Regular hand washing is advised inside the venue and hot water and antibacterial soap is provided to do so.
Anyone deliberately entering the venue with Covid-19 symptoms is putting at risk our crew and visitors and will be reported to the local health authorities to prevent the individual from knowingly infecting others. You can read up on our action plan here >> <<

Additional Terms and conditions can be found inside the venue located at the entrance door.

Pre-paid Entry:
Pre-Paid Entry does not guarantee you access to the venue if you are deemed to be any of the above. Return passes / 3 Day Entry passes / Event Tickets are sold in advance if you return or arrive under any of the above conditions you will be refused entry.
Don't risk it!


The pound Edinburgh operates a ZERO tolerance policy on discrimination.  
By entering the venue you agree to treat all individuals equally and respect the wishes of others who may want to relax.
Touching others is strictly forbidden unless you are invited to do so. our crew is available at all times should anyone need to contact us about any issues, that may arise in regards of this matter. NO MEANS NO!


Condoms and lubricants:
Various sized condoms are provided by ROAM and are available at multiple points within the venue. Please do use them! They are also available to take away with you! #Staysafe&Playsafe in the venue.


Drugs and Alcohol:

The venue operates a ZERO tolerance policy on drugs and those under the influence of drugs & alcohol. anyone found to be supplying, using or in possession of drugs will be removed from the venue and reported to the local authorities. Anyone Deemed to be displaying behavior that could be a risk to themselves, A nuisance or risk to other visitors or our crew will be denied access or removed from the venue without a refund.



CCTV operates throughout the venue for your safety. We store all CCTV for 6 months.
No CCTV recording takes place in Changing Spaces / Dark Rooms / Toilets / Cabins


Flashing lights:

The venue operates Dark Spaces, Flashing Lights, Loud Music and is not suitable for those suffering from photosensitive epilepsy.
This is enhanced during special events with artificial theater smoke that may not be suitable for those suffering with Asthma.


Kink Play & Scenes:

While KINK is encouraged inside the venue play spaces, water-sports & MESS is not! Anyone found to be taking up this practice will be removed and charged for criminal damage to private property. Do not risk it!

Play Scenes Rules:
While we encourage play scenes and fetish games and play within the venue we have a few ground rules.
Before partaking in any kind of play that involves Bondage or the restriction of movement you must inform the venue crew members and make them aware of your intentions and to prove that you have the correct equipment. No bondage will be permitted without safety shears. 

Any individual whom partakes in scenes of this nature must have one responsible party with them whom will be accountable for any needs of the person in bondage / cages / shackles within the venue at all times. This person should NOT be a stranger as bondage play is not without risks. The venue does not accept any responsibility for fetish scenes within the venue however we can assist if you run into any troubles.

Safe sex is highly encouraged and safe-words should be used during all scenes.
We recognise RED to be a word in which means STOP or NO and Green to be the word that means Agreed and OK.

The parties agree that they are both responsible for the practice of safer sex unless otherwise agreed and to ensure the wishes of any individual are met should they wish to stick to a given preference in regards to this choice. By playing inside our venue you also agree to obey any instructions given by our crew members. If we say STOP it means stop. Just because a person may be in bondage does not give you the right to touch them stay out of a scene unless you are invited by ALL parties involved. No visitor should be left alone in Bondage, both parties must be present at all times within the same scene.
Failure to play safely will result in both parties being reported and banned from the venue. Incorrect bondage positions can be life changing/threatening.

Twisted Dark Event:
When purchasing a ticket to Dark, you understand that the levels of lighting will be lower than usual. This means lighting within the venue will make it harder to see where you are going. Although provisions have been made for safety, there may be times you encounter contact with strangers in the dark or various objects such as walls and doorways. By purchasing the event tickets you agree that you are entering at your own risk and waive responsibility of the venue for any damage encountered as a result of the above. Our team are available and ready to assist should any problems arise as a result.


Mobile Devices & personal belongings:

Mobile phones and photography are not allowed within the dark room, cruising spaces or wet area. Taking photos is forbidden without prior written consent of the management team at the pound Edinburgh. Taking photos or recordings of individuals without consent is a serious criminal offence. No personal belongings are permitted inside.

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